After living in Santiago de Chile for a while, our friend Bill Penhollow decided to have a change in his life, Santiago was not fun any more and suddenly Puerto Natales sounded attractive. Once Bill was in town he visited the park just like any other tourist, later on he got a job with Nelson Sanchez who invited him to be part of an environmental project in Tierra del Fuego. The island was magic, so differnt to any other, endless pampas, colourful trees and most important big rocks everywhere. Nelson's English was as poor as Bill's Spanish at that time, but Nelson new how to call these rocks, they were ERRATIC ROCKS which were moved by glaciers and were left far from the place they originally had belonged to. After his experience in Tierra del Fuego, Bill worked for Pathgone, went back to Santiago, came down here again,....but one day he told Rustyn about the beauty and charm of Patagonia and they decided to meet here.They visited Cabo Frowardand and The Park ( torres del Paine) They fell in love with the landscape and stayed here since then. These two good friends opened their own hostel with nothing more than hard work , motivation and lots of new ideas. "From Oregon to Paragonia they became two Ettatic Rocks."

Benjamín Zamora #732 | Fono - Fax : (56-61) 2 414317
Puerto Natales - Patagonia - Chile

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